Responsive Website Designing With Bootstrap

As we all know, smartphone/mobile and some other handheld devices are highly popular and the uptake is going up day by day. There is massive growth in this field, not only with device specific applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, etc – but also websites are easily accessible using these devices.Crystalwebtechs have prefer to use bootstrap to make a responsive web design which is absolutely mobile, smartphone and tablet friendly websites.

So what is Responsive Website and Why Bootstrap?

There can be ample of definitions available about what Responsive Web Design (RWD) is. And Crystalwebtechs personal view on responsive web design is the creation of a website which is able to adapt to the device in which it is being viewed.

In simple words this means creating a website that will dynamically fit to different screen sizes by reformatting and resizing its constituent elements. It can be your desktop, smartphone or other hand-held like tablet browsers. So this can be a 3-column site having detailed navigation on a big screen and large images and a single-column scrolling site which has simplified navigation as well as images which is dynamically resized according to different handheld mobile devices. Fundamentally our team plays in 3 while creating responsive website:

  • A flexible and grid-based layout
  • Flexible images and some other media
  • Media queries

Bootstrap comes with simple as well as flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for standard user interface interactionsand components. It is all about a grid based framework created particularly for responsive website design and we follow it for eye-catching and properly arranged websites.

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