Responsive Website Designing

Much discussion has been done on responsive web design concept and also said this concept came late in this highly advanced technological market. But what exactly responsive website design is? And how exactly an organization benefit with responsive website?

Due to rapid increment of mobile devices and handheld gadgets, the trend of responsive website is also going up by adopting dynamic technological environment. Most of the websites presently are accessed through an entire bunch of platforms –every device is having its own browser, operating system, screen resolutions and what not. That is why these days web designer and developers are dedicated towards mobile friendly websites. Crystalwebtechs is a team of responsive designers and developer who can deliver websites according to your device.

Responsive web design is made by using of CSS3, media queries and fluid grids (Bootstrap) with optimum design and layout for different screen sizes. If your website is responsive, its layout changes according to screen sizes.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

  • Operating website in multiple devices.
  • No different URLs for same content as well as no duplicate content.
  • Since it is ended up with a single website, so, it is cost effective as well as much easier to maintain.
  • Responsive website is optimally accessible on several Mobile devices with its least amount of panning, zooming, scrolling etc.


Mobile Friendly Websites

That is why Crystalwebtechs focuses on the responsive web design rather than Mobile web. As responsive websites have better quality compared to mobile website from every aspect. Apart from it, Google is also recommending to create website for multiple devices in the similar way.

As the demand of responsive web design is growing rapidly in current web market and Crystalwebtechs plans to stand on the cutting edge of its new practice. If you have any existing website and want to convert to a responsive design, or else want to create a fresh responsive site, we are always ready to achieve your requirements.

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